World Superstars of Ballet Gala 

Bravissimo Productions

Hosted at the Canberra Theatre Centre in October 2018 

Reviewed as one of the top 5 events of the year by Michelle Potter

In 2018 NCBS Directors Daniel and Zara Convery directed their first international ballet gala ‘The World Superstars of Ballet Gala’. In 2016, Daniel and Zara took an exciting ballet trip to Russia where they saw some of the most amazing world class dancers, and from there it was their vision to bring dancers of this calibre to Canberra for locals to witness the magic that was seen in St Petersburg and Moscow. Dancers travelled far from across the globe, and Canberra audiences were amazed with the incredible talent that went on to receive much praise and rave reviews from various critics, locally and nationally. In keeping with their vision, Daniel and Zara also brought young talented dancers from Sydney, Newcastle as well as selected local Canberra students, together offering a platform for aspiring dancers to dance alongside of their idols. To all those who supported this event (especially Lennock Skoda), we thank you emphatically, and we hope to see The World Superstars of Ballet Gala prosper well in to the future where we hope to give more opportunities to young aspiring dancers in sharing in this experience with such incredible star guest dancers. Keep your eye out on as Bravissimo Productions are looking to host their next gala in 2020, including Masterclasses with the guest star dancers, as well as the first ever Canberra International Ballet Competition to be judged by the guests also with many prizes and scholarships on offer. For further details please stay tuned on and on the Bravissimo Productions Facebook and Instagram Page.

Joseph Gatti 

Professional Dancer 

United Ballet Theatre Director 

My name is Joseph Gatti. I’m a professional ballet dancer, international guest artist teacher and artistic director of United Ballet Theatre in Orlando FL. I had the privilege to teach at the beautiful school in Canberra twice and also guest performed in each of their shows! The head directors of the school Zara and Daniel Convery are some of the most sweetest people I have ever met. On top of their kindness they devote their time for their students. Their passion for ballet is incredible and it shows in their coaching, teaching and training for the school. I would recommend this school to anyone! I have realized through out my career just because a school has a big name doesn’t necessarily mean you will get the best training. National Capital Ballet School has the caring talented teachers and passion to help build the top dancers for today’s Professional companies. 























Guo Chengwu 

Principal Dancer 

The Australian Ballet 

A huge congratulations on the successful event. 

It was an honour to be invited by Zara and Daniel, to perform in the World Super Star Gala. The Principal dancers all around the world were invited and came to Australia, brought their best quality of ballet skills and showcased it on the stage to all the Australian audience. The gala performance wasn't just professional, it was also inspirational for every single pro ballet dancer, ballet student and ballet lover.

I have been a professional ballet dancer with the Australian ballet for 12 years, and as a Principal Artist for 8 years. From my experience, ballet training is based on the drive, discipline, motivation and inspiration. Nowadays, you can find your inspirational vids on youtube, but the chance you get to see a "real deal" in front of you is almost none. Watching world-famous Principals dancing so closely, it was a great opportunity for us to learn how Principal dancers train, how they show. How they found the inner best of themselves. For me, it was a priceless opportunity to share the stage with other would-famous Principal dancers. I want to say a huge thank you to Zara, Daniel and Bravissimo productions for making this unique event happen in Australia. I hope there will be many more to come.

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