By S Onitiri

From the second we stepped foot into National Capital Ballet we have been in awe of the level of professionalism and support displayed by all involved.  The teachers are disciplined, yet supportive and attentive to each and every student’s particular needs – their enthusiasm is infectious.  They have fostered a caring and welcoming environment, and our daughter truly looks forward to returning each weekend.


By S Daetwyler

We are so pleased to have found the safe and supportive environment of NCBS for our daughters to learn to dance. The studio has a strong commitment to excellence and provides a disciplined but caring environment where students can strive for their personal best from the time they first don a pair of ballet shoes.  Our youngest daughter, who at only 4 is just beginning her ballet journey, can't wait to get to NCBS each week because she has so much fun in her class.  


Our older daughter's RAD classes are taught by experienced teachers who ensure their students know their syllabus work and have a foundation of strong technique and artistic integrity.  This, combined with the studio's limber program (which wisely commences when children start grade work) sets students up to succeed in whatever form of dance they choose. 


NCBS is large enough to provide for rich learning experiences and small enough for teachers to know each student and for friendships to form across grade levels.

Zara and Daniel's combined experience is evident in their ability to identify and nurture talent.  Our older daughter has simply blossomed under their care and we are excited to see what the future holds for her.  We believe NCBS is not only fostering a love of dance in our daughters but is equipping them with the skills and self-discipline to pursue it at the highest levels should they choose to do so. 

By T Bickell

The National Capital Ballet School is an excellent school of dancing.  Zara, Daniel and their associate teachers take a professional approach, going above and beyond expectations to encourage the children to do their very best.  Class sizes are small and the strength and conditioning classes are exceptionally helpful prior to the ballet classes.   Our 11 year old daughter dances five times a week with the troupe and ballet classes and could not enjoy it more.  This has had a positive impact on her beyond dancing.

By J Patil 

“NCBS is truly a wonderful school. My children have not only learnt to dance but also learnt about respect for the ballet studio, teachers, peers and their ballet costume. They wear their ballet costume with pride and choose to dress as if they are ready for a concert at every lesson. The teachers are very experienced with children, especially 3 & 4 year olds, nurturing and guiding them to be the best they can be and to have a go. They are more confident and expressive since they started ballet at NCBS. -Jessica”

By M Ishlove

We changed ballet schools and the difference was remarkable.  In the first year of attending NCBS my daughter absolutely blossomed and I could not believe the transformation.  Before ballet was just another activity, but at NCBS it became her second home and way of life.  And that is due to the fact that Zara and Daniel are so passionate about their students and they take the time to understand each of  their students strengths and weaknesses. 

Zara and Daniel were able to cultivate her abilities and work on areas that were more challenging for her. She has become confident in her herself and has learned so much about her body and the importance of the strength and conditioning exercises .  She has even taught me a thing or two from from what she has learned!  I personally love the fact that there is a strong focus on the strength and conditioning class before each ballet class which is very important as it helps in reducing injury, assists with posture and the various ballet/other dance style movements.

By K Woodward

I highly recommend National Capital Ballet School for their quality teaching, incredible choreography and amazing performance opportunities. Their ballet syllabus, which includes a specialised strength and conditioning program has greatly improved my daughter’s technique, posture and flexibility in a very short period of time.


National Capital Ballet School is a professionally run dance school with passionate and dedicated teachers. Dancing at this school has improved my daughter’s self-confidence, has given her a strong sense of achievement and she has made many beautiful friendships along the way.


The school offers a variety of dance styles and opportunities to ensure students become well rounded dancers. My daughter thoroughly enjoys undertaking the Royal Academy of Ballet syllabus, in addition to Jazz Ballet, Hip-Hop and Contemporary classes.  She has thoroughly enjoyed all performance opportunities such as troupe and various concerts.


The school has classes suited for all abilities, from recreational right up to the elite level.  I highly recommend National Capital Ballet school for students looking to take their dancing to the next level.




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