1. I acknowledge that the teachers are only responsible for supervision of students during the student’s class times inside the studio and that students are not supervised otherwise.

  2. I agree to ensure that the student is dressed appropriately for the relevant class and has shoes and other items required to enable full and safe participation in the relevant dance styles and learning of dance technique (other than for the initial trial class).

  3. I acknowledge that I am responsible for the conduct of the student and that I may have to pay compensation if the student causes injury or accident to another child or property. I agree that if the student remains at the studio between classes or at other times that is at my risk.

  4. warrant that the student is in good health and does not suffer from any illness or condition that may impair his/her ability to participate in the classes and I acknowledge that the student will participate in dance activities at his or her own risk, and that whilst the teachers will strive to provide a safe environment for dance activities at all times, neither NCBS nor its teachers will have any responsibility or liability in respect of any accident or injury that may occur.

  5. I give my consent for National Capital Ballet School (NCBS) to photograph the student and to take images by other means in the usual course of the activities for which the student is enrolled and to use in its absolute discretion any information, photographs, video or other recording, or images of or about the student, for any promotional, performance or legal purpose, including advertising in newspapers, on TV and in other media, and I irrevocably waive any right to payment for use of such images and information.

  6. I authorise NCBS to obtain and/or administer any emergency first aid or medical treatment of the student which in the opinion of NCBS or its agents and representatives is reasonably necessary in the event that the student is injured or ill and I undertake unconditionally to reimburse NCBS on request for all expenses relating to such treatment.

  7. I have read this document and the Policies and Fees as stated below. I acknowledge all my responsibilities and agree to co-operate with NCBS in ensuring that the student enjoys dance education in a safe environment. I also acknowledge that I am responsible for all fees, charges and expenses associated with the student’s participation in classes and related activities at NCBS and will pay all monies due to NCBS as they fall due.





  1. Term fees are due prior to the commencement of term. Fees not paid within this time will incur a $50 late fee without warning.
  2. Cash and direct deposit are acceptable (direct deposits are preferred).
  3. Cheques are no longer acceptable. 
  4. Pro rata adjustments for term fees are made for new students.
  5. Fees are based on school terms however the year generally starts the week after school resumes and ends the week before school finishes.
  6. All fees are non-refundable
  7. Reception is open week days between 4–6:00pm Monday to Friday and on Saturday mornings between 9—11am. 
  8. Lessons missed due to illness may be made up during the term time with permission from the Director. No more than 2 x make-up lessons per term. 
  9. If real difficulties exists, a payment plan may be arranged in the office before the commencement of each term.
  10. No refunds are given for public holidays.
  11. Additional fees may be charged for holiday workshops or rehearsals and RAD examinations. 
  12. *IMPORTANT* Parents withdrawing students from the School are to provide office staff with a written notification 2 weeks prior to end of term, otherwise a 4 week tuition fee in lieu of notice will be incurred. 





  1. NCBS does have a closed-door policy though parents are invited to view classes on pre-arranged Open Weeks.

  2. Students who are ill may be isolated and/or sent home.

  3. Students whose fees are outstanding may not be re- enrolled for the following term. Please see the Director.

  4. NCBS reserves the right to withdraw any student at any time. A partial refund may be given at the discretion of the Director depending on circumstance. 

  5. Students must not arrive or leave the studio wearing only dance clothes.

  6. Students changing dance schools are kindly asked to please advise the previous school.

  7. Absolutely no gum is allowed on the premises.

  8. Some physical contact may be necessary by a member of the faculty to demonstrate exercises, try on costumes etc., or to administer first aid.

  9. All students must wait inside the building for pick-up.

  10. Parents of children with diagnosed asthma or other serious conditions must make personal contact with the Director prior to student’s first lesson and provide medical history / condition in writing if enrolled in the School.

  11. Leave all valuables and money at home. We cannot be responsible for lost items.

  12. Older students are required to read and abide by the Student Code of Conduct placed on the School’s notice board.

  13. Senior students performing in the NCBS end of year concert must attend ALL rehearsals unless prior permission of absence is granted or a medical certificate is provided.

  14. Students wishing to attend external summer schools, dance classes, workshops etc., outside NCBS must seek and be granted permission from the Director. Including within their academic school if performing choreography from NCBS. The school reserves the right to extricate any student that contravenes this policy. 

New Fee policy for 2018: 2018 FEE DISCOUNT

From 2018 and onwards, NCBS will be giving parents a 5% discount on term fees if paid before the conclusion of the previous term. Normal fees will apply if paid during the two week holiday period. And for those that pay after the term has commenced the $50 late fee will still apply. The discount does not apply to those already with discounts, excluding family discounts. Further, we will be giving a 10% discount each year off first term fees (applicable only to Grade 1 students and up) for fees paid prior to Christmas (December 25th).

Payments can be made during office hours, posted to PO Box 1005 Woden or directly banked into the studios online bank account.


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